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Kings, Prophets, and Priests

Connecting Teams For Mission

This past Sunday evening, a dozen student and adult ministry leaders gathered in the HUB Cafe to continue the conversation about what it might look like to be the Body of Christ at Millersville University.


The conversation centered on 3 words: King, Prophet, Priest.


We're familiar with these words from Scripture. We've read about people who served in these roles. Some well, some not so well.


We also see that the best of all of these are found in Jesus, who is King, Prophet, and Priest in perfect unity.


After taking a look at a broad description of each, we split into 3 groups to explore our thoughts and feelings about the place each one has in the united mission here at Millersville.

Unsurprisingly, the largest group identified with the role of Priest. These leaders were focused on the call to connect people with God on a personal level and champion community life and health. The Prophets were few in number and focused not only on the role of the Prophet to proclaim the gospel to others, but on the roles of the other two. The Kings were the smallest group and focused on the big picture and leading everyone forward in pursuit of a clear mission.

As we listened to each other, it became clear that all three roles and perspectives are needed to have healthy Jesus movement here at Millersville.


We'll be exploring this more in depth at our first Singularity Conference in January. For now, check out this helpful chart.

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